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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Real Life Insurance Stories: 'You're never too young for Life Insurance!' - Kim K., Ohio

You’re never too young for Life Insurance!

Some of your stories brought back so many painful memories, I felt it important to share how one day I insured all my kids and never asked the price.

Back in 1979, Mark, the son of a very close friend of mind was put to rest. Mark was only 14 years old when he was taken from us.

For the first 8 years of Mark's life, he was as healthy and normal as any 8 year old kid. At the age of 9, Mark started having bad stomach cramps and started losing lots of weight. After many months of tests and hospitalizations, Mark was diagnosed as having Crohns disease. It took 4 years, three major surgeries, lots of horrible health food, and a colostomy to finally get Mark's life back on track.

Everything was going great for Mark, that was until a year later at the age of 14, when Mark started having sores and other immune issues. It turns out that he had received the HIV Virus from a blood transfusion during one of his surgeries.

Unfortunately Mark died within the year.

Now you can imagine the funeral cost, doctor bills from the original surgeries and now the HIV costs that followed. Our friends did have medical insurance through work, but let me just say, their life time cap was reached quickly. The unfortunate part is they had plenty of insurance on the parents, but none on the kids.

Kim K., Ohio

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