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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Real Life Insurance Stories: 'Divorce is hard enough!' - Vicky in Arizona

Divorce is hard enough!

When I was divorced ten years ago, I never really understood the reason why the judge and my life sales person recommended that I get a life policy on my ex-husband and that I should be the owner.

Now today it is all too clear! First of all, knowing my ex-husband, if I was the beneficiary and he was the owner of the policy, I would get nothing. That is because if he stopped paying the premium, I would never have been notified and my kids and I would have been at risk of getting nothing when the policy expired for nonpayment.

Now, since I am the owner of the policy, I am responsible for the payment of the policy even though he was required by the judge to make the payments. And you know what? About four years ago, he did stop paying the life premium. I was notified of nonpayment and had the chance to immediately make the payments to bring the policy current. Thank God I did. He died three months from that day. My family and I now have all the child support we need and a bright future. I am sharing this story because someone did a good deed for me and I want to pass it on.

Vicky in Arizona

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