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Friday, February 20, 2015

'Ghost Around the Dog House' - A Real Life Paranormal Story

I live in Bailey, North Carolina with my mother, father, brother, grandmother, and grandfather. We live in one of those wood houses with a basement and an attic. We've had a few weird things happen to some of us.

I'll start with my brother. He told me that one night he woke up late and was paralyzed in bed with a dark, hooded figure right next to his bed. When he took a nap in our mom and dad's room, he says he was again paralyzed and heard bones rattling. Another time, he fell asleep on the couch with our female miniature poodle and she kept barking and growling at the hallway. My brother says that he turned on the lamp to see and there was no one there at all, and that our poodle would only go to sleep with the lamp on and with his arm around her.  

We've got another dog. She's a full-bred German shepherd and she lives outside in this snazzy cage our dad had built for her. My brother came home from work this one night and he always takes her out to do her business because she won't go in her cage. He couldn't find the leash where he left it. He looked around and found it tied to a tree. The metal piece we use to hook up to the collar was missing. We don't understand why since it was in one piece earlier that day and no one except my brother had taken her out. That leash ain't easy to break. The strongest man could not break that leash, I kid you not. My brother had been at work, too.

We went looking for it (my brother, dad, mom and I) and it was starting to get dark. No luck. We did, however, come across some blue fluorescent blotches near the door to the cage of our dog. Nobody knows where they could have come from.

The next day, I went outside. It was a lovely day. I went into the field right behind our German shepherd's cage to look for snakes or whatever (I like to pretend I'm an explorer, kind of like Steve Irwin). I found the metal hook dug into the ground! Who put it there? Only God knows! I ran to the house to show my mom and brother. My mom thought I had done it, but why would I?

Next is my mom. She said she was all by her lonesome one morning on the couch with our miniature poodle. My mom heard growling. It couldn't have been the poodle; she was asleep. My mom would sometimes feel someone staring at her from the hallway.

Then there's my grandma. She's weird, but I love her. She will sometimes go outside really late, like around 3 a.m.! She said she saw a white female ghost walk from the cage of our dog all the way through the field and into the woods out back.

She also said that when she was all alone at home, she heard the toilet flush all by its self. She even heard our poodles squeak toy squeak and no one had touched it at all. My dad had heard growling, as well, but he thought it was my brother's snoring or our poodle. He's quite skeptical.

My granddad has never said anything weird has happened to him. I can't say I have either. I have stayed home alone all by my lonesome numerous times and have never ever experienced anything like they have. Maybe except this one time when I was asleep. I heard banging on my window. Not strong banging, but light banging. Then I heard rattling in my room. My room is spotless. I'm a bit of a neat freak. Nothing under the bed, the closet isn't stuffed with junk. I have a waste basket I empty out every day when I come home from school. I wasn't scared. I just didn't think much about it.

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